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This blog is for you men out there that find value in an organized closet and would like tips and tricks for your side of the closet. Bonus points for reading this, because that means you care and are looking to improve your closet. Most men’s closets and clothes are pretty straight forward but it is not true that they have less than most women. I see an equal share of very full closets. Men tend to shop online like women but never end up purging their side of the closet. When I was married, we would have an organizing session once a year where I’d pull everything out of his closet and drawers and just ask him what he didn’t like or didn’t wear anymore. No fights, just honesty. Then I’d get the fun job of putting it all away. It made for a good system and solution to not filling up our closets. Whether you’re married or single consider these twelve tips for him.

  1. I highly recommend categorizing shirt types very specifically and then by color within each category type. Sort dress shirts on a hanger into three categories. Dress shirts, casual dress shirts with Collar (something you’d where on a date or to a party) and a casual shirt without collar. And finally, always hang short sleeve polos with an obvious collar (golf, tennis or just regular polos.)
  2. T-shirt is the category that always has the most excess for men. I decide how to organize then based on how many he has and the quality of the t-shirt. I would hang t-shirts you could wear to a summer party and store t-shirts in drawers that you’d only wear working on the car or in the yard. Keep the ratty t-shirts you’d never leave the house out of sight.
  3. Gym shirts shouldn’t be hung. Separate them out into a drawer so you can grab and go next time you’re headed to work out.
  4. I like to hang team jerseys so you can grab and go on game day.
  5. Divide gym socks verses dress socks. Use two separate drawers or a drawer divider if they have to share a drawer.
  6. Don’t forget to color code. If eighty percent of your dress shirts are blue, you might want to consider buying a different color next time you’re picking out a dress shirt. Guys will miss that if their clothes aren’t color coded.
  7. Hang pants on the bottom and shirts above (as it resembles the layout of a human body) It’s hard to tell brown, navy, and black pants apart so again get creative to separating out by color and using clear dividers such as different hangers, clothing tags, a white t-shirt hung up or a marker/divider of some sort. Even use a ribbon or tie.
  8. Fold jeans and sweats unless you’re short on shelf space. I wouldn’t waste the hanging space on these.
  9. Fold and stack sweaters and sweatshirts by like colors. I tend to hang a sweater if it has a collar and hang hoodies to keep them from falling apart on shelves.
  10. A closet must have for any guy is a recycling bin for dry cleaning paper, plastic and hangers. Most all men use dry cleaning to help stay on top of laundry. Keep the system up by having a trash can or recycling bin available.
  11. Invest in a tie and belt organizer. Most men have enough of both categories that warrant these specific organizing products.
  12. Women get a bad rap for purses that were never emptied but men empty their pockets of the same type of stuff and it lands all over the closet or in the top dresser drawer. I find coins, Kleenex, golf score cards, pencils, batteries, wine corks, sunglasses and much more. Gentlemen, you need a place to collect the coins ( a jar or mug for example) and a place for the stuff that comes out of your pockets. Don’t keep it all but sort it into an organizer or container of some kind in your drawer or on your closet shelf.

Amber Kostelny, Certified Professional Organizer, Amber’s Organizing, LLC Chicago, IL 60631

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  1. SGD says:

    Thaaanks for your tips and I would totally do this to my husband. Great article and such a nice read.

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