The Heart of Organizing



One thing I love about being an organizer is my clients that come across my path. All of their stories are different and all of their challenges resemble their stories. If I can bring hope, order, and a sense of peace into their home or business then I’ve done my job well.

All of these names are completely fake but the stories are real. I share them with you not to shame people or point fingers but to encourage those of us on the journey and those of us that need hope.

Charlie was a stroke victim forcing him to retire early. Without the mental capability to keep up with paperwork, piles began to grow and take over his home. My goal was to make as much of the paperwork automated and electronic to give him long term solutions with less paper coming in through the mail. At the end of several appointments, Charlie was set up for success relieving a lot of the concern, stress and shame he dealt with.

Thomas is a widower who lost his wife a year ago and is taking care of his three children. His new roles and responsibility with the home and children left him overwhelmed.  All of his late wife’s things needed to be gone through, sorted and donated. When it was too emotional for him to do this project, I was called in for help. What a privilege it was!

Sarah went through a messy divorce. Trying to manage being a single mom, running a household, and forced into getting a new job,  left her overwhelmed, drained and stressed out. Helping her get organized brought a new found confidence and strength to keep going. We squashed the lie that said she couldn’t take care of things and stay on top of things!

Missy was a medical school student. She was never home and never had the time to get settled into her new apartment. Now she was about to get married and her fiance’ was to move in. She called in a panic. After one long grueling organizing session in several closets, she was set back up for success and wouldn’t stop texting me afterwards to express how grateful she was.

I could share ten more stories with you but I’ll stop here. Each customer has a need and each need lies deeper than surface clutter. I can’t fix the heart but I can help bring encouragement, relief and practical comfort in times of desperate need. If you’re struggling through something emotionally or mentally, your clutter or chaos just might be a symptom or struggle associated with it. Look at how it’s all related and start with one piece of the puzzle. If it’s organizing the physical, I’d love to help.

Amber Kostelny

Amber’s Organizing, LLC

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