Stuff or Systems: Which do you struggle with?



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The other day I was organizing a busy mom. Her kitchen, pantry and mudroom needed my help. As we were going through things she stopped and asked “ Amber, so is the problem too much stuff usually?” What she meant is, is everyone like me with too much stuff? Is that the professional organizers solve? I thought her question was smart and commonly asked. I responded to her that is it typically one of two things. Usually customers have too much stuff and they need help getting rid of things OR they have no good systems and structure set up which sets them up for failure. She laughed and said, “What if it’s both? “  I replied that sometimes it is and that’s okay too. I’m here to help out in either situation.

Whether it’s an excess of things that have accumulated or just not knowing how to organize and set up systems for long term success, both are valid reasons to call a professional organizer. Consider these questions to determine which camp or which boat you are in. Maybe you know already or maybe you don’t. Try stepping back to assess your home or office. What do you notice?

Too much Stuff??

  • Are your kitchen cabinets, dresser drawers and closets jammed packed? Is there room to add new things that come in or will the new things be left out to accumulate on counter tops or the floor of your bedroom because you can’t put them away?
  • Can you see to the back of your refrigerator and freezer? Or are there things in there that are 6-12 months old?
  • Are their multiples of the same item? You buy another bag of salt for the sidewalks when you couldn’t find the one from last year in the garage?
  • Are items expiring before you can use them up? Going bad and spoiling?
  • Do you have toys or clothes that your kids have outgrown years ago?
  • Are doors, windows, heating and air conditioning vents or other appliances in your home blocked because too much stuff is in the way?

Lacking Good Systems??

  • Do you get frustrated with the same obstacle each day? For example, coats or shoes landing in a certain place that drive you nuts? Orr walking across the kitchen to unload the dishwasher? Or fighting to find a beauty product under your sink?
  • You manage to get through the mail and toss the junk mail but you’re still stuck with the important paperwork that you’ve kept?
  • Is it getting annoying to reach for something you need every day because it’s in the wrong place or located in an improper position?
  • Do you dread certain tasks because you haven’t taken the time to catch up and simplify that part of the house?

If any of the above rings true for you, which category  were you answering ‘yes’ to more often? Hopefully it gives you perspective about both categories. Both are equally important and if you have one without the other it doesn’t really help. If you purge a ton but still have poor systems you will still be frustrated. And likewise, you can all the best systems and organizing solution under the sun, but if you have too much, you’re still sunk.

Call or text me if you need help with either. 708-925-7574. I’d love to help!

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