Get Organized Before Hiring Your Handyman

Hiring a Handyman? Get organized first!

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One of the most requested service people I get asked about from my clients is a good handyman. Getting organized unearths several undone projects around a condo or house. Little things here and there pop up that we normally forget, but remember when we are meticulously going through rooms and spaces organizing. Then all the broken or undone projects come to the surface and it’s a perfect idea to have the handyman out after organizing. I’ll often find parts and pieces in boxes ready to be installed and will say, “Put it on the list for the handyman.”So naturally after getting organized and creating a “to do” pile, we need to get a hold of a handyman. So here are some ideas to get you started out. You’ll want to be prepared before you call to make the appointment to tell them what you’d like done and also want to be ready for the appointment.

Start a list of different projects around your home you’d like the handyman to tackle. Being prepared and ready to get a quote and appointment will make sure you don’t miss anything!
2. If you have picked out specific fixtures or items for the handyman to install, shop in advance so you have all you need before he or she arrives. In fact, don’t schedule the appointment till you have all the parts and pieces.
3. Prioritize what is on your list in case you run out of time or money. Make sure you get done what is absolutely necessary by putting it at the top of the list.
4. Clear the space of anything that would get in the way while completing the project. For example, move a piece of furniture, laundry basket, or stack of books and toys out of the way.
5. Collect all the things the handyman needs to tackle in one spot. For example, if you have a light fixture, curtain rod and a broken furniture piece, stage them all in one room or spot.
6. Don’t start other projects you may come up against once you’re in the middle of getting the list completed by the handyman. Often we bite off too much and then the whole house is torn apart and we can’t get it back together because we run out of time and energy. Stays focused on the items only on your list and avoid getting sidetracked.

So maybe you’re still wondering, who I recommend to my clients. My default quick answer to their question is most often, Handyman Matters. They have it dialed in as a franchise that provides good service throughout the country that is backed by insurance and a good reputation. They can’t sneak away, not doing what they promised because they are established businesses with credentials.

“We started Handyman Matters 18 years ago because, to be blunt about it, the home maintenance and remodeling industries consistently lacked ethics.  We wanted to change that and redefine what is expected from a home-improvement partner in terms of both quality of work and integrity in doing the job right.  We strive to be your primary resource, and we earn your trust through our work.” –– Andy Bell, Founder of Handyman Matters. Read more here 

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