7 Questions to Ask Before Black Friday

Black friday


Black Friday is for some, a tradition, religion, habit and a no brain brainer… why wouldn’t someone want amazing deals and sales? As a professional organizer, I cringe. If I could shut down all the stores for Thanksgiving and Black Friday I would. I would teach our country we don’t need more stuff and increasing stuff in our homes always comes with a cost.  Before you jump on the band wagon or before you head out again this year, ask yourself these questions first:

  1. Will my purchases be meaningful and purposeful OR just another dust collector?
  2. Can I afford to pay for my purchases in cash OR will I increase my credit card debt?
  3. Am I content with who I am and what I have OR am I shopping to fill a loss, fight sadness or boredom?
  4. Have I made a specific list of what I want to shop for OR am I going wing it?
  5. What could I do instead with the time I’m spending in long traffic lines, parking lot lines and checkout lines?
  6. Have I gone through my current stash of gifts before I shop for more? (most clients of mine never give the gifts they intended to give… shop first in your “gift closet” at home.)
  7. How can I take responsibility for the current stuff in my house instead of adding more?

Cheap doesn’t always mean better. Shop wisely. Stay home. Organize what you DO have.


Amber Kostelny, Certified Professional Organizer

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