Emotions that Accompany Organizing

Laugh Cry Smile Keys Represent Different Emotions


Often professional organizers are quick to show before and after pictures of the spaces we organize. Photos flood professional organizing company websites as well as Instagram and Facebook pages. We want to show the beautiful results and the neat, tidy, clean spaces because order and calm is comfortable to us and it brings us a sense of satisfaction and completion. The opposite state of mind is going on inside my clients heads and hearts. Take away the outward, physical aspects of organizing and you are left with real, raw emotions that have to be taken into account. Organizing isn’t about just making everything look neat and tidy, it’s taking my clients from overwhelm to calm, from no hope and discouragement to a sense of accomplishment and achievement.  So here are emotions written down. No pictures, just emotions. These are all very normal and very typical.

Before Organizing:

Before getting organized a client mentions he or she is embarrassed to show me there space or home that needs to be organized. They might mention they were up all night worrying about our appointment or stressing out.  He or she might be ashamed they “let it go” this far. Now they feel defeated and overwhelmed. Where does one start? Some feel guilty and express they know better but just can’t seem to get it organized.  I am asked the following questions over and over again: “Amber, am I the worst you’ve seen? Tell me you’ve seen worse right?  Is this too hard to organize? Should I just give up? “

Organizing with a professional organizer and allowing a professional organizer into your space is super personal and vulnerable. It is showing your “not so good sides” instead of presenting your best self. It shows humility and that you’re willing to ask for help.

After Organizing:

I’m honored to be trusted with that vulnerability and relied on for answers, solutions, and help. I love coming to the organizing rescue to bring hope into dim situations and positive energy and outlook. I’ve been organizing almost twelve years now and I can’t think of a space that couldn’t be organized. I can think of people though that prevented the organization with emotions mentioned above. I completely understand everyone comes to the process at a different place of readiness.

When someone is ready and willing:

they can expect HOPE instead of guilt.

they can except RELIEF instead of defeat.

they can expect CLARITY instead of confusion.

They can expect me, cheering them on, putting their best interest first, and getting them to the end of their organizing project!

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