10 “Not So Obvious” Organizing Tips for the Kitchen


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  1. If your utensil drawers are too crowded, start counting what you have. The other day we found three ice cream scoopers. Chances are you don’t scoop two different ice-creams at the same exact time. We gained drawer space by keeping just one.
  2. Stop holding onto chipped and cracked dishes. You’re more likely not to reach for these or use them. Just let them go.
  3. Too much bar ware and drink ware taking up room in your china buffet, bar or sidebar? Match up sets. Ditch any stray pieces that are not part of a set and odd or small number sets. For example, if you have a set of eight wine glasses, get rid of the set of three wine glasses that have lost their mates over the years.
  4. Table linens and dishes are often passed down to us by in-laws, grandparents and our mothers. Be picky about what you keep. Just because they passed it onto you doesn’t mean you like the pattern, color or style. Choose to keep something else that is small and takes up less room to remember your family members. Don’t let guilt dictate what you keep.
  5. Store holiday dishes somewhere else. If you are short of space and can move Christmas dishes or special holiday serving platters elsewhere, do it. Pack them up into your current holiday bins in storage or create a shelf or closet somewhere else in the house to store holiday dishes.
  6. Focus on what you prepare and cook often. Think through your cooking and eating lifestyles to help layout your kitchen. If you don’t bake often, baking items should be few, not bought in bulk and not stored front and center. If you pack a lot of lunches, bring lunch prep items and snacks forward in convenient drawers and hip height shelves. If you cook fresh each night, chopping boards, measuring cups and strainers would make sense up close and near the sink.
  7. Yes, spices, tea and vitamins do have expiration dates. They don’t last forever and are last to be checked and discarded in a kitchen. Check these regularly and keep them updated to make space for new ones.
  8. Store heavy things low, and light things high. If space allows, don’t place your crockpot and Kitchen Aid mixer, or heavy serving platters above your head. Switch things around to accommodate retrieving different items.
  9. If you have gathered a lot of things to donate to a local Goodwill, don’t waste time and energy packing up simple glasses or vases. Recycle anything glass that isn’t worth much. It’s more likely to break on the trip over and takes too much time to wrap everything individually.
  10. Don’t store plastic grocery bags under the kitchen sink. They somehow accumulate way too fast and don’t get used up quick enough. Recycle them or store them elsewhere.

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