Counting Steps While Organizing

counting steps


Part of my job as a professional organizer is paying attention to detail. That detail includes what current organizing systems and steps clients use before I change things or suggest new and different organizing systems. So to start it’s my job to get to know your current patterns and how you organize. Never “clean up” for an organizer. We need to see reality and every day habits.

Counting steps comes into play when I notice too many steps. Let’s talk literal steps and sequential steps in performing a task.

For literal walking steps, take the example of where mail lands versus where your home office is located. Another example would be where you enter the house versus where you hang up your coat, purse, and place your shoes. It is also important to count steps in the habits you’re asking your kids to participate in. If the table they do arts and crafts on is far from their stash of supplies, rethink the location of things. Items and gadgets used most often keep close and easy to access. Tasks and chores you perform daily should be the easiest patterns and include the least amount of steps.

Now consider smaller steps, steps that would be taken to perform a smaller task like filing paper. Here’s the best example to demonstrate this. Pulling open a filing cabinet drawer and dropping in a piece of paper takes two steps. Here’s the alternative with an accordion portable filing pocket. Unlatch the clasp, pry open the pockets, place the paper inside and close the latch. That took four steps. Imagine cutting down several steps on several tasks throughout your day and week. In the end you will be left with simplified living, more time, and ease of maintenance. Always choose the simple route and efficiency will prevail.

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