My Theory on Condo Living

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I always eagerly await the answer when I ask “Which apartment number?” or “Which condo number? “ For some reason, most of my condo and apartment clients always live high up in their condo or apartment buildings. Nine times out of ten, they answer the third floor or higher. I never ever get someone in the first floor apartment. I see the trend and am convinced stairs have everything to do with my theory. Think about the implications. It takes more effort to take out the garbage and recycling. It’s harder to carry out returns to ship back at the post office or give items back to friends. It takes more time and planning to get rid of a piece of furniture or donations. It’s easier to bring things home then to remove things.

You may think or guess that having an elevator would dash my theory. Surprisingly, having an elevator doesn’t matter. Of course, I’m thrilled if there’s an elevator but I sympathize. Living high up and trekking all that way gets old. It directly effects the motivation to haul and lug stuff up and down.

So, what is the solution? How does a homeowner not fall prey to accumulating too much?

  • For starters, resist online shopping. Think twice before you shop till your heart is content. Shipping to the front door is the easy part. Returning it is the hard part.
  • Don’t buy in bulk. Just buy what you need when you need it.
  • Carry something small every day. Take a little amount of garbage down daily and a small bag for Goodwill weekly or monthly. Don’t let large amounts accumulate.
  • Notice what type of bag or purse you carry for work. Consider something that will be easier carrying up and down stairs.
  • Be grateful. You probably have toned legs and working your heart more than your neighbors. Look at the positive side.

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