Delegating Wisely


DelegatingAs a business owner, a large part of organizing is learning how to delegate tasks and recognizing when to delegate tasks. I strongly believe those two elements are crucial to running a successful small business. I have helped several business owners dig through inventory, go through old files, sort through their desk, organize their storefront and discuss their time management. A common theme that runs through most business owners is the mentality that they are trying to do everything on their own and wasting their unique talent that makes them money.

If you’re a business owner reading this blog, stop for a minute and take note of what you’re brilliant at. What do you do so well? Is it interacting with clients? Is it selling your product or service? Is it running your business behind the scenes? Is it designing or creating new ideas, themes, products, etc.? The biggest advice I could give you is…. Do what you DO BEST. Don’t waste your time on bookkeeping if you can’t stand it and it takes you forever. Don’t bother running your social media campaigns if that doesn’t come naturally to you. If you are great at selling your product or service, then don’t work in the business…. sell the business. Once you know what you’re great at doing, delegate ALL the rest. Yes, delegate.   If you continue to juggle ten balls in the air and try to do every role and task on your own, you are bound to burn out, lose customers, or remain small and not grow.

Sit down and write what type of people would be helpful to assist you running your business. Then start to add them slowly over time. Don’t settle for just anyone. Hire the best. My hiring decisions aren’t based on cost; they are based on “who is the best person to do this task at a top notch capacity?” In my business I have:

  • A graphic designer
  • A webhost and web designer
  • A social media person
  • A small business attorney
  • A small business coach
  • A team of eleven organizers

I wouldn’t have the business I have today without all of their help. I love to sell, build my business, work with clients directly, and enjoy bookkeeping. I could delegate bookkeeping, but I’m good at it, enjoy it, and have time to do it. So I’ll keep that task on my plate…..for now.

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