7 Ways to Create Extra Time to Exercise


  1. exercisePrep lunch food on Sundays for the week, so assembling lunches during the week takes less than a minute. Create an organized lunch shelf in your pantry and your refrigerator so it’s grab and go during the week.
  2. Lay out your outfit the night before, so you save minutes in the morning getting ready. Simply check the weather on your phone the night before and pick out your clothes before heading to bed.
  3. Pick a gym in a location close to work or home. There’s nothing worse than spending 20-30 minutes driving to do a workout. If the gym isn’t within 10 minutes from your house or work, you’re at the wrong gym.
  4. If you’re working out at the end of a work day, don’t un-silence your phone until after you’ve hit the gym. Return personal calls or texts after the gym. Sometimes we never make it to the gym after work because we are putting out fires from messages or texts coming in all day. Reward yourself by “getting your phone back” after you work out.
  5. Limit errands to one night a week after work. This will help create time and ease guilt for the rest of the weeknights.
  6. If you’re on the fence to skip the gym or go workout, ask yourself if your “to do” or errands can wait. If they are not hundred percent crucial and viable and time sensitive, prioritize your workout first.
  7. Pick a gym that has kids programs so you can work out while your kids are taken care of. If you make the trip to the gym a family event, you will be sure to make your cardio session at least once or twice a week. You are also being an example to your children, teaching them that you as a mom or dad or family want to be a healthy family.

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