Cleaning Versus Organizing

cleaning toolsLet’s make one thing clear. Organizers don’t clean and cleaning companies don’t organize. They might think they do, but they don’t. They pick up, shove things, stack things, or put things where you can’t find them. I’m a fan of cleaning companies; I just think they should stick to cleaning and leave the organizing to the organizers.

Always clean after organizing. Once floors are cleared, shelves are decluttered and countertops are empty, it will make the cleaning job a lot easier.

Storing a ton of cleaning products is a waste of space. For most people, cabinet and closet space is precious and coveted so resist the urge to buying multipacks and economy size cleaning products. Keep cleaning products simple. All you need is a dusting spray, glass cleaner, floor cleaning solution, bathroom cleaner and kitchen countertops/sink polish.

You can find just about any speciality cleaning product on the market to clean several specific items. Instead of buying several bottles of specific cleaners, chose cleaning products that have a double use or multi-purpose. This will cut down the number of bottles you’ll have to store.

Just like organizing, you have to schedule time to clean. Having people over is a great prompt to do some quick spot cleaning or pick one day a week to spend some time cleaning. If you use a cleaning company, I’m sure you already have them on a schedule. Obviously cut back even more on your stash of cleaning products if they bring their own products.

Limit the number of rags you keep. Not every hole ridden t-shirt or old dishrag has to be kept. Don’t bother with dark colored fabrics. The color will bleed off and will make it harder to see dirt or dust in the rag.

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