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How to Avoid Distractioninterruption

Running a business from home or working from home for your company is not an easy task. Distraction looms at every corner and productivity can suffer if self discipline and routines are not your strong suit. We, myself included, can easily get distracted when the neighbour stops us to chat or the piles of dishes is staring at us. My weakness is my nieces. It melts my heart and I cave every time when they ask, “Tante (German for aunt), will you play blocks with us? Or Tante, will you take us to the park?” How could I ever say no? I love that I have the flexibility in my day to fit them in. But nonetheless, I’ve had to draw specific boundaries. It has helped but it’s still my weakness. Get to know what your distractions are and start to figure out fences, boundaries, and where you can be flexible. Below are a few tips to help you work more productively at home.

  • Create your own deadlines to prompt yourself to reach goals, make progress, or complete a task.
  • Use a business colleague, friend, or coach to check in and keep you accountable.
  • Break large projects into smaller projects. Tackle bits and pieces when attacking an overwhelming task instead of biting off too much and quitting.
  • Create routines in your day or week to stay on top of emails, writing, social media, etc. Assign specific blocks of time at specific points of your day or week.
  • Draw or design a creative “do not disturb” sign for your office so that family members know you are on an important call or busy on a specific project.
  • Set your alarm, as if you had a job outside the home, to plan on being in your home office by eight each morning. Watch your productivity and time increase when you consciously set work hours.
  • Maintain boundaries at home with your paperwork. Resist the urge to leave paper in the dining room, coffee table, and kitchen countertops. When you’re done working in one of those comfy spots bring the paperwork back to your home “office hub”.
  • Use project folders, client files, or event folders to maintain paperwork for different tasks you’re working on. Do you manage projects? Events? Clients? Volunteer projects? The answer to that question will determine how to sort your paperwork.

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