An Organized Halloween

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Over the years of organizing, I have definitely come across my share of Halloween costumes. I’ve organized pet costumes, adult costumes and hoards of kids dress up and play costumes. Pretending to be something or someone else brings fun, excitement, creativity, fantasy, and the chance to hide or escape. I’ll never forget organizing with a young female customer. She had probably ten different Halloween costumes all organized lined up at the top of her closet. They were meticulously stored and labeled. The holiday was obviously fun and important to her and it reminded me to discuss your options in storing costumes. Instead of shoving past costumes into a great big plastic bin into the basement, consider a couple other ways to store them.

  1. If have extra hanging space or a deep closet with an extra rod somewhere in the house, hang up the costume and attach all the part and pieces with safety pins or inside a smaller bag that can hook onto the hanger.
  2. The Ziploc extra large storage bags are another great storage idea. You can hang them or stack them. They are easy to label, seal shut and you can see right through the bag for easy retrieval. They come in L, XL, and XXL. See here
  3. Wings, swords, spears, masks and other accessories can easily get crushed. Low flat under the bed type of plastic containers can accommodate odd sized accessories and parts and pieces.


Most parents dread the inevitable bags and buckets of candy post Halloween. I know this because I get offered candy while organizing weeks and months after Halloween. And yes, I will admit, I’ve helped myself to the kids’ stashes of candy more than once. A pick me up, jolt of sugar, always helps while organizing. As far as reducing the amount of candy, I have no great tips or ideas. Just throw some out. I wouldn’t say all of it should go but pick and choose and obviously dole it out over time. Hopefully by Thanksgiving you can pitch what’s left. Enough pie, fudge and holiday desserts are coming up on our social calendars to fill the sugar quota.


A few years back I walked into a three car garage in the city. The homeowner wanted to show me his Halloween decorations. The whole loft of the three car garage was full plus a whole car space. This family loved to throw the scariest haunted house party in the neighborhood. I was so jealous I wanted to invite myself to their next Halloween party. All the decorations looked so cool and their home was perfectly laid out with lots of rooms and hiding spots. Needless to say, all these decorations were taking up a huge amount of space. So consider decorations “in moderation”. Get rid of the ones you didn’t put out or set up this year. Unless you have the space, all the coffins, tombs, cobwebs, ghosts and scarecrows take up a lot of attic or garage space. Storing these bulky items in the rafters or lofts or attics is a great idea as long as you’ll retrieve them to use and put them away when Halloween is over. Sometimes just the effort of retrieving the decorations deters us from enjoying them.


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