Compartmentalize to Organize

organized pasta says it well. To compartmentalize is to separate into distinct parts, categories, or compartments. In a nutshell, that is a huge part of organizing. We separate out things, stuff, chaos, parts, pieces, and just about anything into categories and distinct piles. Sorting is the basis of organizing. Teaching kids to sort at home or at school is giving them the fundamentals of organizing. If we can’t see like items and group them, we have a big problem.

So whether you’re organizing your purse, kitchen, or junk drawer, compartmentalize the contents. To help you think like an organizer, consider how we would compartmentalize these areas in your home:

A linen closet:

  • linens (sheets and towels)
  • medicine/first aid
  • travel samples
  • paper goods (toilet paper, Kleenex, feminine products)
  • back up products (shampoo, hairspray, etc.)

Use shelves and containers to create distinct separation between items. If all else fails, imagine you’re walking down the aisles at CVS and Walgreens. Sort items as if you worked there, into different departments.

A wallet:

  • cash
  • rewards cards
  • credit cards
  • receipts for returns

Give each pocket its own division.

A garage:

  • auto section (cleaning and repair agents)
  • lawn care tools and products
  • sports equipment
  • tools
  • bikes/toy section (if you have small children)

Give each wall a section or category. Divide further by specific shelving and hooks for each category.

A junk drawer:

  • coins
  • pens
  • pads of paper/post its
  • tape/scissors

A junk drawer organizer is a great idea and usually a must-have. Remove extra wires and tools that are thrown and mixed in. Instead, keep a small toolbox on a shelf nearby in the pantry or a closet.

A toy closet or room – keep this simple:

  • board games and puzzles on shelves
  • arts and crafts in another section binned up into smaller categories (crayons, Play Doh, etc.)
  • large toys and toy sets standing alone

Get the idea?

Are there areas you’re having trouble compartmentalizing? Tell me about it in the Comments, and I’ll cover it in a future post.


Photo © Nagy-Bagoly Arpad / depositphotos


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