Staying Focused

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“Amber, why is this ten times easier to do when you’re here with me?

That’s such a good question. A successful small business owner asked me that question as we organized his home office. We had quickly caught him up with his paperwork and taxes and he went on with his day to do his work. For small business owners the answer may be simple, but for the rest of you, the answer is probably the same across the board.

When I’m present, you’re focused to organize for the duration that I’m with you. You’re not doing laundry, making a phone call, feeding the dog or checking Facebook. You’re organizing.

I also make sure you actually finish the task. Things aren’t left undone. There is a sense of completion and a physical change in your space that is very rewarding and motivating on several levels. Not only is the physical space different, but it also affects your mental state.

I know where I’m taking you. I can see what the solution is and know the steps it takes to get you there. This involves you trusting me as a professional. There’s always a point in an organizing appointment where I sense that trust and “gelling” between my client and myself. Then it’s smooth sailing from there, because we’re on a mission together going in the same direction.

Where do you ask for help in your week? How does that person make the task easier for you? Could you relate the same concept to hiring a professional organizer?


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