Ten Simple Habits to Keep the House Looking Organized on a DAILY Basis

bulletin board with daily remindersThe key to this list is doing these things on a DAILY basis. Now I know some of you will think I’m crazy for thinking you can do all of this every day. So don’t. Start small and start with conquering a few. Add in more as you can and assign some of these to family members if they’re willing to help out.

  1. Make all beds.
  2. Put away the remote controls or Wii gaming parts and pieces.
  3. Clear the kitchen countertops of food and dirty dishes. Just keeping on top of clean and dirty dishes will make a huge difference in the kitchen.
  4. Put stray pens and pencils in a pencil cup. If you don’t have a pencil cup, use a mug from the kitchen.
  5. Push in the chairs and stools in the kitchen or dining room.
  6. Gather all paper and mail into a decorative basket in your office or on your credenza.
  7. Take out the recycling and trash. Bottles and bags sitting around make for a cluttered mudroom or kitchen.
  8. Hang up purses and coats instead of using the back of chairs or the kitchen table.
  9. Use one basket to collect hair products in the bathroom and one pouch or basket to collect makeup. After your morning routine, return the items into their “home.”
  10. Hang up and put away clothes on a daily basis.

How many of these tasks have you done today?


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10 Responses to Ten Simple Habits to Keep the House Looking Organized on a DAILY Basis

  1. These simple things to do to keep things organize at home will keep you from cleaning so many stuff at the end of the week. It just take a little practice to keep this habit.

  2. Amber says:

    Yes Connor… a little a day makes a huge difference in the end but it takes time to slow down during the week to prioritize the 5-10 minutes. Keep it up! You can do it!

  3. Levon from Mental Health 101

    Coming out with some sort of system to make sure that all the chores are taken care of properly is the only way to keep the house clean.

  4. Curtis says:

    The key to following this list is to have an organized time and efficient schedule. I say that if you are a working person or is maintaining/managing a business, it would be hard to follow all of these steps, but at least you can still have enough time to finish at least half of these.

  5. Ashton says:

    This post really makes sense to me as I have kids and everyday, I really have to wake up early to start putting things back in order. One of the most topsy turvy area is the kitchen. We just had our kitchen remodeled and I am thinking of changing it back to what it was before as my kids are really too playful and the present set up in our kitchen can allow accident to my kids.

  6. Marty says:

    I definitely need some help staying organized, so thanks for the tips! Good stuff 🙂

  7. Rob Ohs

    Great and highly helpful tips.It is wonderful to read your post .It is wonderful to read this story and enjoyed it.It is amazing to see those points and implement these.Keep sharing:)

  8. Excellent tips! Sometimes, we may think that being organized is hard. Maybe that is because we are not used to it, to think, those tips are really simple and easy to do, but very much effective, as well. If we just put these tips to our daily routine, we will be surprised how tidy and organized our home will be. And if we can just only teach our kids these things, as early as possible, then, that would be much more helpful. Thanks for sharing!

  9. “The key to this list is doing these things on a DAILY basis.”

    This is indeed very true. And if you’re not really used to doing any of these tips, you can do just one at a time. And don’t rush things. Just do them regularly and continuously until everything becomes a habit. Thanks for sharing!

  10. jack dowson says:

    bookmarked!!, I like your website!

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