13 Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

  1. organized refrigeratorEither before or after going grocery shopping, take time to read expiration dates and throw stuff out to make room for the new food. If you do it beforehand, you’ll also have a better idea what to buy.
  2. Do not put opened cans of food or uncovered plates/bowls of food in the refrigerator. That’s an easy cause for smells. And no, a pizza box doesn’t count as a container.  Always transfer it to a storage container or Ziploc bag.
  3. A opened box of baking soda in the refrig can help with smells and unwanted odors.
  4. Have a designated shelf for leftovers and clear it off every week if you haven’t eaten them up. A good night to do this would be the night before the weekly garbage pick-up.
  5. First go shopping in your refrig, then go shopping at the grocery store. See what you have and write down the extra things you’ll need to create a complete meal. That way, you’re eating up what you have and not overbuying on food.
  6. Try to use clear, square Tupperware containers.  It’s easiest to see what you have and they save space by stacking easily. Labeling the leftovers with a date is always great if you can get into the habit of it. Masking tape and a black marker will do, unless you’d like to buy a label maker.
  7. Put like items together: create a drink section, a meat/cheese drawer or container and a fruit/ veggie drawer, condiments on one shelf and sauces/dressings/ jellies on another.
  8. Something moms should always teach their sons: Never thaw frozen meat and later decide to refreeze it. You have to first cook it, then refreeze it. You’ll get sick if you refreeze it without cooking it.
  9. If you’re going to keep extra ketchup or soy sauce packets, put them in a small container in the refrig so they don’t land all over the refrig or break open.
  10. I still think bleach and hot water does the best job in cleaning a smelly, grimy refrig. Just keep scrubbing, the shelves will come clean. Don’t forget the door handles. They’re full of germs.
  11. Washing, cutting, and placing veggies in Ziploc bags after grocery shopping keeps the drawers clean and gives you easy access to grabbing healthy foods to snack on.
  12. In freezers, throw out anything that’s covered in a thick layer of frost and anything that is more than 6 months old. If you haven’t eaten it by now, you’re not going to.
  13. Rotate food in the freezer, putting the new stuff in the back and bringing the old stuff forward to eat it first.

When’s the last time you cleaned out your fridge?

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