Q & A with Amber about her Organizing Business

Why do  people call for your services in their homes and offices? questions and answers

They are largely overwhelmed at a daunting project and don’t know where to start. Some admit they just aren’t good at organizing so they’d like help. Some people can’t envision the final organized system so they need the solution or system to be put in place. Making decisions is also tough for some folks, so we help them process how to decide on their stuff.

What kind of goals do you help them to achieve?

People have several situations they are in and want to accommodate, such as: making room for a baby, a couple moving in together and trying to fit in both their stuff, parking their car in the garage, getting rid of a storage unit and fitting it all in their home, creating a home office, creating space for in-laws to move into their home, and so on. Most often people just want more space and to make everything fit.

How much does it cost?

Organizers charge anywhere from $40 to $125 an hour. We charge $75 an hour. Typically organizers charge based on their experience, location, and whether or not they are a Certified Professional Organizer (link to Commercial organizers and corporate organizers are typically on the high end of the range, at $90 to $125 an hour.

How many hours does it typically take to organize?

The time it takes depends on the size of the space or room, how full the space is, and how quickly the homeowner can make decisions. Once I interview and determine those three things, I can estimate over the phone how long it might take.

How often should someone use your services? Once a year? Once a season? Once in a lifetime? 

It varies. Some projects are small and can be done quickly. Others are large and are spread out over time. Some people need to have everything done before a certain future event or deadline at work. Sometimes we see our clients twice a year, once a quarter, or once a year. Typically my clients like to be organized and want their homes organized so I will retain them as clients for years.

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