Let it Go: Ten Ways to Lessen the Load and Let the Small Things Go While Organizing

  1. small hand releasing butterfliesDon’t print receipts of bills you pay online or receipts from items bought online. Instead, drag them into an email folder in your inbox.  All online receipts can sit in that folder nice and organized. There’s no need to print them.
  2. Don’t keep take out menus.  Almost all restaurants post their menus online these days. Jump online when you need to order out.
  3. Don’t exhaust yourself sorting small toys. The kids will just mix them up the very next day. Loosely group like items and focus on keeping puzzles and toys sets intact by storing them up high and out of reach.
  4. Let go of magazines for ideas and articles “you may need one day”. Any information on any topic can be found in minutes on Google.
  5. Don’t waste time on junk drawers. 95% of the stuff within the drawer costs less than a dollar. Toss most of the contents and start over from time to time.
  6. There’s no need to fold and wash clothes before you donate them to Salvation Army or Goodwill. Obviously, don’t donate filthy stained clothing, but if the items are coming from your clean closet or drawers, just throw them in a bag and donate away.
  7. Pitch the missing socks in the laundry room. Finding mates that have been lost long ago is so not worth your time.
  8. Yellow Pages and phone books are a thing of the past. Please go and recycle yours immediately. They take up so much room.
  9. Don’t untangle a zillion electronic cords. Determine which cords are essential for the electronics your family uses every week and recycle the rest. Chances are, the cords you need are already being used and are plugged in where they should be throughout the house.
  10. Choose quality over quantity in your linen closet.  Recycle all the product samples and failed beauty products. Keeping them out of guilt wastes space.

Which one of these can you do right now?

Photo © / chuyu

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