Organizing Under the Bed Space

under the bed
Space.  Everyone wants more space, bigger closets and a larger basement! If only we could be happy with what we have and live within the four walls God has blessed us with. Don’t get me wrong, I often wish for a bigger home and bigger master closet. It just makes me pause to think and reminds me to be grateful for what I do have. So what’s the answer to filling the space under your bed? To fill it or not to fill the space? That is the question. I recommend avoiding it at all costs. If you can do without it, don’t stuff it full of clothes, shoes, bedding, skis, etc. Here are just a few reasons why.

  1. Dust accumulates under the bed, so storing anything underneath in a clean fashion is next to impossible.
  2. Filling the space prevents you from vacuuming or dusting underneath.
  3. I’m sure you’ve heard it said before that your bedroom should be a sanctuary. Sleeping above a mess and over a space jam packed with stuff isn’t very Zen like.
  4. It’s not easy to retrieve things. Trust me,  I have fished out stray shoes, toys, books, you name it… It is hard getting way underneath to get things that have been lost in the deep dark abyss.
  5. Air flow is restricted with your heat and air-conditioning if it can’t circulate around your bed. This is especially true if your bed covers a vent or register.

Now don’t get discouraged if your options are limited. I understand some of you are in small apartments and lofts. But if you can change things or declutter at all, clearing out just the space under your bed might be a good goal. Good luck and send me a picture of your clear floor if you make it happen!

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5 Responses to Organizing Under the Bed Space

  1. Lauren says:

    I just discovered your blog Amber! And yes, you cannot see from one side to the other when looking under our bed. I have the dreaded storage bins under there with photo albums and keepsakes. I always figured if there were a house fire, I’d be able to quickly grab those bins and run! BUT, I like the idea of NOT having anything underneath. It’s a bad sign when the dog scoots out from underneath and is covered in ‘fuzz’. Off to investigate more of your blog!

  2. Amber says:

    Lauren- Welcome! Glad to have you reading. Love your comment about the dog. That’s cute, with fuzz and all. If there’s anything specifically you want me to write about just let me know!

  3. Big one I noted is accidentally covering your air ducts with junk under your bed. I realized what I had done last winter when I woke up at 2 am freezing and shivering because I had covered up the heat duct in my room, oops.

  4. Matthew says:

    It’s so easy just to throw stuff under the bed and forget about it. Every 12 months or so I’ll clean it out and find stuff I’ve completely forgotten about. You’re right it can get very dusty under there and you need to be careful what you decide to put under there.

  5. J Davidson says:

    What a good point you’ve made here about your bedroom being a sanctuary. We carried a declutter a few weeks ago and got rid of all the extra stuff in our bedroom. We had boxes, clothes, kids toys and all sorts of things on top of wardrobes and under the bed. I even found an old digital camera that I thought I’d lost with some great old pictures on it! At the same time, we cleared out all our old clothes and sent them off to a charity shop. The whole exercise felt very cleansing so would recommend it!

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