6 Secrets To Keeping Yourself Organized on a Daily Basis

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A busy mom recently wrote in and asked “On a day to day basis, how do I keep myself more organized?Perhaps you identify with her and have asked the same question in the past. Sometimes it’s not about a specific organizing tip or specific system. The answer to this question is taking a look at the bigger picture.

  1. Step back and take a look at your typical day – what makes it hurried and disorganized? Think through the day and determine the cause of the chaos you feel or experience. Nine times out of ten, I see families and individuals overfilling their day with commitments and failing to plan ahead. If there’s no planning, you don’t have the things you need to be more efficient throughout your day.
  2. Try to be consistent and implement patterns to  your day. For example, use only one calendar, keep only one to do list, place your mail in just one spot, etc. Picking ONE method for everything will eliminate questions or room for error.
  3. Follow routines. Think through routines you currently have. If it would be helpful, make a list of the routines that function well in your week. Then answer: Why do they work? Now: What other routines can you add that would be similar? Routines for things like laundry, mail, dishes, cleaning, grocery shopping, etc. are priceless and make a world of difference in staying organized.
  4. Always follow through things to the end.  Finishing one thing before starting something else prevents overwhelm and more disorganization. Don’t hop around from project to project. Complete one task before moving on to the next.
  5. Pick up after yourself. Our moms said that a million times when we were young for a good reason, right? It makes a big difference and really helps in staying organized. Put things away right after you use them. That is one of the biggest secrets to maintaining organization.
  6. Throw away as much as possible each and every day. The more that exits your house on a daily basis, the less cluttered it becomes. The less stuff inside, the less time it takes to maintain organization. I know that sounds obvious but it’s so true. The simpler you live, the easier it is to maintain your space.

How do YOU manage to stay organized in your daily life?

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