What’s in a word?

jumbled wordsSomeone recently asked me how to organize the junk in their home for a more productive life. I stopped and thought a minute. It’s interesting that the words “junk” and “productive” are in the same sentence. Why would someone want to organize junk? The definition of junk is something of little meaning, worth, or significance. (  Don’t you toss junk and save things you cherish, value and use? As a professional organizer, I don’t ever organize junk. What would be the point?

This request made me contemplate how we view our stuff. How do you see your stuff? As junk? As things you just can’t go one day without? Does your stuff add value to your every day life? I tend to look at things that way. If something doesn’t add to my life or make it more productive, what’s the point in keeping it? I often get teased by my husband because he’ll find me “hunting” for things I can throw out (that’s what he calls it). I like getting rid of things that have no meaning, are used up, or aren’t adding value in our home. Yes, it may be odd to some of you, but I get a thrill out it.

So let’s rephrase the question from this writer to:  how does one decide what is junk and what is to be kept? Then, how do I organize the things I’ve decided to keep in my home in order to be most productive?

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