How to Organize Gift Wrapping Supplies


Gift Shelf

gift boxLet’s start with the gift itself. Many families have gift shelves or a gift area in their closets. I wouldn’t suggest a whole closet or collecting a large volume of gifts, but this concept, within reason, is popular and useful.

If you shop sales or find gifts throughout the year for the holidays, having a gift shelf is imperative. Storing gifts all in one place where you can access them and give them out will prevent clutter and waste from adding up.

If you already have a gift shelf, it’s time to revisit it and clean it up. Take things out of shopping bags to see what you have and tape the receipt to the item if need be.

If you don’t have a gift shelf, consider making one. Consolidate or declutter part of a closet or dresser drawer and create a gift area.

Greeting Cards

Some people can’t get enough of Hallmark. Card and stationery stores are very fun, and when you find a card that fits a person in your life, you should buy it. It will be more meaningful then a generic card purchased at the last minute.

Unfortunately, most people’s greeting card collections often exceed what they will need for birthdays and special occasions. Limit the number you accumulate and have a system in place to use them up. For example, at the beginning of each month I review which family birthdays and anniversaries are occurring that month. Then, before I shop for the cards, I check my “stash” first. My stash is in my office drawer and works for me.

Consider what would be easy for you to access and how you could use up your cards. If you have an abundance and would like to get rid of cards, several charities around the holidays take blank cards to repurpose.


I like storing ribbons and bows in stacking clear drawers or clear containers with lids, as you can easily sift through and find what colors you’re looking for. Bows crush easily, so you may want to separate them from rolls of heavy ribbon. Either way, use small- to medium-sized containers and keep the basic colors. Ribbon wall organizers are always fun if you wrap a lot.

Gift Boxes

Unless you have a lot of storage space, avoid storing empty gift boxes. If you really want to, make sure they are collapsible or store flat so they don’t use up a lot of precious space.

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  1. This is something really creative, loved the way it has been breifly described the tips and techniques so as to make that perfect gift and organize it for your loved ones, great idea Amber…

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