How to Organize Gift Wrap

rolls of wrapping paperTissue

In my opinion, there’s only one way to organize tissue. Flat. So plan on placing tissue lying flat in a container or a drawer. Make sure the drawer or container is as wide as a regular package of tissue paper so the tissue doesn’t get crumpled. And yes, you can reuse tissue but be selective. Keeping every last crumpled tissue square is going overboard, as I’m sure you’d agree.

Gift Bags

There are a variety of ways to organize gifts bags:

  1. Hang them on a long hook protruding from the wall or a peg board, like they do in retail stores.
  2. Nest them inside one large gift bag or shopping bag. If you have a large collection, separate them by occasions such as birthday, holiday, and other occasions. Then hang the bags of bags or place them on the floor or shelf in a closet.
  3. A hanging gift bag organizer works well if you don’t have a large supply to store.
  4. Most gifts bags will fit nicely in a clear container or dresser drawer.

Wrapping Paper

Although wrapping paper is sometimes sold in squares, the more common form is rolls. Some rolls are taller than others or oversized. You can buy fancy organizers, but they take up a lot of floor space and all you really need is something to hold all the rolls upright. A super simple solution is a medium-sized round garbage can. I’ve seen this toy barrel used as a wrapping paper holder as well, and it’s pretty efficient.

Holiday Wrap

I do recommend keeping Christmas or Hanukah wrap separate from wrap for other occasions. During a stressful holiday season, it really helps to quickly find what you have and only buy what you need or have run out of. So yes, store Christmas wrapping and ribbon separately. I’d even suggest storing it with your other holiday bins. When those are pulled out once a year, you can pull out the wrapping paper as well.

My next post will offer tips for organizing your other gift wrapping supplies.

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