7 Tips to Get You Exercising Regularly

A bottle of water, joggers and a sports towel

  1. Buy and wear clothing specific to your sport or exercise regime. There is a noticeable difference when you wear yoga pants for yoga and running shorts when you jog. Consider ditching the old sweats or cotton shorts and invest in appropriate clothing. It really does make working out or playing your sport so much more enjoyable. One of my favorite shopping websites is www.athleta.com because they make it so easy to search by sport. I never go wrong when I shop with them! Next time you are in a sporting goods store, pay attention to which sport section you’re standing in while you browse.
  2. Gym bags can make or break your workout. Pack it the night before so there’s no chance you’ll leave something behind in your hurry to get out the door. Keep a supply of travel or sample size toiletries in your bag – it’s the perfect way to use them up. Things will get lost at the bottom of your bag, so clean it out and replenish toiletries weekly.
  3. Do you find it hard to make it to the gym or fitness center? Think through your day the night before. What could you cut out or replace with a workout? Maybe it’s sleep? Your lunch hour? TV? Another hobby? Or simply relaxing on the couch? Look at your workout as a way to relax instead. You’ll feel better about yourself and gain confidence as you continue to get healthier and more fit.
  4. Keep all your workout clothing organized and stored in one to two drawers. Don’t mix it up with other clothes. Treat it as special and different so you can find it quickly when you pack your gym bag.
  5. Be flexible. Sometimes weather, work, or family interrupt our exercise routine or time. For example, if it’s raining out, postpone the bike ride till tomorrow and try the pool instead. Or if you’re pressed for time, run from home instead of going to the gym. It takes no time to throw on your running shoes and head out the front door for a twenty-minute walk or run.
  6. Do you like to tear out and collect workout routines from magazines? Make good use of them by actually looking at them when you are working out. Corral them in a binder with sheet protectors and keep the binder somewhere handy at home or in your locker at the gym. There’s no point in keeping the tear-outs if you won’t be able to access and use them.
  7. If your health is important to you, chances are you take supplements, vitamins, protein drinks or protein bars. This stuff often lands on the counter top cluttering up the kitchen. Move things around in the kitchen to make room for these important things that add to your health. Which cabinet could you clean out to make room? What could you consolidate or move out? Where did you used to keep the cookies and snacks? Try replacing that storage space with your new vitamins or protein supplements.

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22 Responses to 7 Tips to Get You Exercising Regularly

  1. soprts news says:

    yes it is very necessary that you wear the cloths that are specially made for exercise and ruining and you will feel very comfortable in that cloths and you will do exercise easily

  2. Louise Lewis

    This number 1 Buy and wear clothing specific to your sport or exercise regime really inspires and a good way to start when aiming for something healthy. A good motivation shall we say.

  3. John D says:

    Nice points, reminds of the old saying “If you fail to plan then you’re planning on failing” or something like that. lol If I don’t pack my gym bag the night before then more than likely I won’t go the next morning.

  4. Susan says:

    Very well said. Most of the people who begin exercising forget how important are some of these aspects. Some of them quit and others are lucky to read this article! Thanks for sharing!

  5. One big tip is to make sure you get the right shoes! Flat shoes might be great for weight lifting but they can cause a lot of calf pain if you try to use them for running.

  6. I think your first suggestion is great because if you have the right equipment, you’re going to feel a lot more comfortable. It also provides you with incentives, since you spent money on getting the right clothes and everything, you might as well use them!

  7. Julie Smith says:

    Thank you for all these tips 🙂
    I always love to do exercises, yet sometimes push myself too hard. I should learn to relax myself and be flexible.

  8. Wow! This would definitely inspire me to get up everyday for an exercise! You’re first suggestion is indeed correct, one should not be wearing the same outfit when you exercise. Like what I do sometimes, I just wear some shirt and shorts and then off for some jogging. I would now think that’s wrong. I should go for shopping now! 🙂

  9. Christian says:

    I agree with getting the right equipment. After a few years not doing any sports I got back into running but only had some basketball boots at home. Within two days I realized how big a mistake it was, as my feet were killing me. Definitely get the right equipment and don’t go for the cheapest.

  10. Sophia says:

    Lovely tips! It was just like seven wonders of the earth! Very interesting and worth reading.

  11. Ton says:

    Lots of great tips here, The best solution is to find a fitness program that you enjoy and to treat yourself every now and again.

  12. Kelsey says:

    Thanks for sharing these tips. Keeping your workout clothes and accessories organized makes it “easy” to follow your exercise regimen on time.

  13. Rachael

    Nice post! All the suggestions are good and inspiring. But I really like the seventh one, vitamin and protein supplements are important for our health. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

  14. Hey there…well I must say what a nice work with your blog. I am a big- big fan of your blog and daily use to surf and read your post. I also want to thank you for this useful post. It has helped me a lot. Keep posting and keep growing

  15. Exercise acts as a temporary diversion to daily stresses and it improves self-esteem. Increased core temperature during exercise may lead to reduced muscle tension and favourable alterations in brain neurotransmitters.

  16. Belinda says:

    Great tips about being flexible, I like to run outside in the summer and winter here gets so cold so I get a gym membership for a few months to ensure I can still exercise.

  17. Khalilwiggs says:

    Excellent info here, I am currently doing some research and found exactly what I was looing for.

  18. Sam Moore

    Thanks for all the great tips. Nowadays, I don’t have enough time to do the exercise and stuff because of my job and some other activities with my kids. I would love to try your tips especially by being flexible with my time. Will surely find a way to apply your tips.

  19. jhon says:

    this blog is great i love reading your posts. Keep up the great work! You know, a lot of people are hunting around for this info, you could help them greatly.

  20. Wearing clothes that suits your workout is very important. For me, it can make or break the mood of you workout. So make sure to choose the proper attire for your exercise today.

  21. Great tips! Thanks – As a personal trainer, I couldnt agree more! cheers

  22. Ram Kumar says:

    You have covered all the gym essentials in your post. It is really nice and healthy and informative post.
    Thank you……!

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