Picking up the pieces after remodeling

painting suppliesDirt, dust, mess, chaos… accurately describes any home after construction. Getting everything back in order and organized afterwards is the challenge. After such a lengthy process, it’s easy to give up by the time clean-up time comes. Just wanting your house back to normal is common.

1. Collect leftover tools, caulk, and paint in one spot.

2. Take the necessary number of trips out to the garage or down to the tool room or basement and drop it all off. Getting it out of your prime living space will be a great relief.

3. File all the instruction manuals, warranties, receipts, and general contractor correspondence in one spot in the filing cabinet. If there are a few things left undone, just keep a list and refer to the file when necessary. Storing and filing a house project under that project name is sometimes easier than separating paper amongst existing files.

4. Label paint cans by room or space. This will prove invaluable later on when you’re doing touch-ups.

5. With a new space brings the implementation of new systems in the space. Think outside the box and consider what would make life easier on a daily basis. Ask yourself “what would be really helpful to have or not have?” and think about how you can bring the answer to fruition.

Think about your last remodeling project. What was most disruptive for you and your family? What one thing could you do differently to make things easier next time?

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