3 Big Organizing Mistakes

Avoid These Organizing Misconceptions

organizing mistakesDon’t Empty a Room. Taking everything out of room and starting fresh is actually not a good idea. We see this a lot on television shows. But it is actually is a lot harder than it looks. They also have twenty to twenty five people on set on TV that we don’t see. So please, don’t empty a room or space thinking you’ll only put back what you need and fits. That doesn’t work well because it’s a very extreme approach. Tossing or donating all that doesn’t come back in, is very unrealistic and almost never happens.Then you’re left with another messsy room or space because the leftovers are too overwhelming. I see this happens often when people hire painters or remodel areas of their home. Scheduling workmen is a great motivator to get organizing. I’d suggest just going through the items before the date to start painting arrives. Clear out and purge everything before the project and then, pack up the keepers to bring back after they’re finished working.

Don’t Move things to Offsite Storage. Time and time again, families end up paying month after month to store items they won’t make decisions on. Temporary storage is viable but when I say temporary, I mean six months or less. If there’s not a game plan and actual date decided on, months quickly turn into years. So it’s not a good solution to just stick things in storage because you have the storage option.Too often I end up in Public Storage and Lock Up Storage places going through items and boxes of stuff the owner hasn’t thought of in years. Eighty five percent usually ends up being tossed or donated. Out of sight out of mind, really is true in this case. So think twice before loading up the car and driving it over to storage.

Don’t Pack It All Up. Packing up everything in boxes to go through one box at a time later isn’t going to happen. That solution could be renamed organizing for instant gratification. You may want the clear space now but you and I both know going through ten to twenty boxes of stuff later isn’t really feasible. I’ve seen it time and time again; those boxes end up sitting around, collecting dust, and taking up valuable storage or basement space in a home. Organizing is a lot like dieting. You can’t just loose fifty pounds in one day. It takes one pound at a time. The same goes for organizing-it takes going through one drawer, one box, one pile, and one shelf at a time.

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