Keeping Stuff out of Guilt

Letting Go of the Guilt with the Clutter

Maybe you have said this comment or heard it a friend say, “I have to keep it because he (or she) gave it to me.” Why do we feel guilt over getting rid of every housewarming gift, Christmas gift, birthday gift, or hand me down we receive from family and friends? It is funny and ironic because most of those items are found in the back of a closet or under a bed or shoved down in the basement store area. No one is using them. A friend or loved one hasn’t seen it since they’ve given you it. So here are my questions I’d like you to think about- 

Do you think the gift giver remembers every gift they’ve ever given you? Besides a very small percentage of people in the world, most people don’t remember at all.

Do believe people look for the items they gave you each time they come over? Is it realistic to think that that is what they are thinking about- searching your home for items they gave you? 

Finally, how often do you remember gifts you gave and search for them, while visiting your friends or family? 

Sometimes I think we need a reality check. A gift is just that- a gift. The gift receiver has the right to do anything he or she wants with gift. It’s their choice and their right to have a say now. Also, if the gift giver values her or his gift over your peace of mind and clutter free state, they need to talk to me. Having a clutter free environment which produces productivity and relaxation is ten times more important then keeping gifts out of guilt. They should value your calm and clairity over their stuff which may produce clutter in your life. 

Anyone agree? Disagree? Tell me your thoughts; I’d loved to hear them. 

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