Storing Cereal

So I was shopping for cereal today at Jewel. That’s all my husband eats for breakfast day after day. I get bored with it, but never the less, there I was thinking of cereal and I was reminded of cereal containers to organize your cereal. The containers help keep the cereal fresh and can save space if you buy cereal in bulk or have limited amount of room in your kitchen cabinets or shelves.

Here are some options. My favorite are the very last two- Rubbermaid’s Modular Canisters and Klip It Cereal Containers.

How do you store you cereal?

cereal containerscereal containercereal container

cereal container


Great for large families or lots of sleepovers




round cereal container

this would waste a lot of space. It’s round instead of rectangular





cereal containers

Klip It





Rubbermaid line

Rubbermaid’s Line


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