Organizing Coupons

From Clipping Coupons to Actually Using Them….

So you’re a coupon clipper? Do you clip for groceries? tolietries? or resturants and experiences? So many clients end up asking me how I organize my coupons so I thought I’d share that today with you in this blog post. First off, if you don’t really want to use coupons, don’t feel like you have to or should clip them. Many coupon clippers have confessed they cut them out because they “should”. I’ll be the first to say, don’t worry about it. Just let it go. You don’t have to use coupons if you don’t want to. Secondly, I will say if you take all that time to search for coupons, look at coupons, and cut coupons, you better at least make them accessible so you can reap the benefit of saving money. So now that we have that straigtened out let’s talk about some different options to make your coupons work for you. 



3 Simple Questions to Ask Yourself While Organizing Coupons

 1. How will I organize my coupons? 

  • by category- This is how I organize my coupons. My categories are pretty simple: store coupons (like Bed Bath and Beyond), restaurant coupons, and grocery coupons. I’ve trained my husband to use them and they’ve saved us money on date nights.
  • by store- If you shop in stores which supply their own coupons like Costco or Target, go ahead and organize coupons by store.
  • by location- If you shop in a large shopping plaza or mall which has all the stores you usually visit group those into one category. That way you maximize your savings on your next errand running day.

 2. What will contain my coupons to keep them organized? 

This solution can be as basic as #10 envelopes or vinyl clear pockets sold at office supply stores. Of course if you’d like to get a little fancier you have lots of options like the CoupyKeep. Organize.com has a variety of options and Container Store carries the basic accordion style organizer. Card Cubby takes the pick with the most stylish options. Don’t forget to LABEL. Always label, no matter what container you use.

3. Where will I place my coupons for quick access? 

This is the most important question of the three. Where will you remember to grab the coupons, look at the coupons, and use the coupons?  This spot should be convenient, easy, and accessible. Common places are the car, a kitchen drawer, the kitchen countertop, or your purse. We keep our family coupons in the office drawer. I suggest thinking it through and trying out a few options before settling on the final perfect spot.  

If you’ve got a good coupon system down, we’d love to hear about it! Share it with us!

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