Why hire a PO?

Hiring a Professional Organizer-

Are you ready for an organizer? Why do people hire an professional organizer for help?  

According to NAPO (the National Association of Professional Organizers) these are the top reasons. 

Top reasons professional organizers are hired

  1. Too much clutter
  2. General disorganization
  3. Difficulty determining what to keep and/or discard
  4. Difficulty finding things
  5. Selling a home or moving

In addition to those reasons,  I have noticed and experienced other obstacles that stand in the way of people organizing on their own.

  1. Overwhelm. I often here people remark “I just don’t know where to start" 
  2. Lack of knowledge. Some people were just never taught how to organize their things. It could be that their parents never taught them or it could be that they grew up in a home where chaos and mess were considered “normal”. Now as adults, they really want and desire order and organization.
  3. Situational disorganization. At different times of our life, events happen that can throw anyone off track. A few examples are : a birth of a baby, marriage, a family member’s illness or death, pursuit of a higher degree in education. All of these events can rob us of time or energy which normally helps us keep and maintain our tasks at home. I call it “falling of the horse”. Once they are put back on, they’re off and running again with organization. 
  4. Deadlines. A time sensitive event such as a wedding, remodeling project, holiday party/guests can spur people into action to get organized. Without help from an organizer, the organizing probably wouldn’t get done in time.

If you’ve ever hired a professional organizer, why did you ask for help? If you’re thinking of hiring one, I hope this has given you insight that it’s not uncommon to need or want help, no matter what your situation.

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