A Mad Organizing Dash

Getting Organized after the holidays…

Well, real life has set in. Back to work, back to school. And for most families the house is in dissaray. Leftovers fill the refrigerator, miscellaneous Christmas gifts are strewn about, the amount of toys have now doubled, and holiday decorations are still lying around. And you’re probably wondering, where do I start? how will I get this all done?  The solution I’d like to propose is: 

Organize one room at a time. Yep, I know that’s pretty basic but I see it’s the only way you’ll see progress being made and the only way to prevent overwhelm or procrastination. So here’s how to do it. 

1. Set the kitchen timer for 30-45 minutes (depending on how much time you have free from the kids)

2. Keep in mind this is not a deep cleaning time or a thorough organizing session. This is strictly pick up and put away time. Organizing will take you a lot longer than 30-45 minutes and if you tackle every detail and every tiny thing in the room you’ll never finish. 

3. Have your storage bins, baskets, or a couple of bags handy and ready to go. 

4. Now you’re off. Start sorting like crazy. Mile piles or bins of: what goes upstairs, what goes downstairs, what gets put back in the holiday storage bins, what is trash, and finally start a donation bag for excess. 

5. Then leave the holiday bins where they are so they’re ready for your next room (which may have Christmas decorations) but take the miscellaneous things to the floors they belong and the trash out the door.  Keep in mind.Don’t start organizing the room you just dropped off the miscellaneous things in. You’ll get to that room soon. 

6. Start the mad sort all over again in the next room.If you move fast and don’t get distracted you may be able to do two rooms in 30-45 minutes!

Good luck! 

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