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Small Steps that Make a Big Difference: Organizing the Kitchen

 Today, I want you to take a closer look at your kitchen. Where are you wasting space? What is driving you nuts? How do you waste time in your kitchen instead of utilizing it? Many of the solutions lie in a few tips and tricks while outfitting and organizing your kitchen. Try these out of the box organizing tips or share a few of your own tips with us that really make a big difference for you. 

  1.  Have little storage space? Look up. If you have wall or ceiling space, hang pots and pans.  
  2. Don’t use up precious kitchen space with cookbooks. Storing cookbooks on a bookshelf in an adjacent room will free up space.
  3. As you restock pantry shelves or cabinets, place new, fresh food behind older foods. Force yourself to use up this “older” food by searching for recipes by ingredient online. 
  4. Deep dark corners can be a huge space waster and an abyss where food or cookware is lost or forgotten about. Try turntables. They are sold in many sizes and provide easy access. 
  5. Alphabetize your spices. Searching for the right spice is the number one complaint I hear in kitchens. I solved this problem in my kitchen by purchasing 2 ventilated plastic baskets. One basket is labeled A-L and other M-Z. It has saved me so much time while cooking or baking.
  6. As you alphabetize your spices, unscrew the lid and take a whiff. If you can’t smell the spice it’s too old. Toss it.
  7. Save drawer space by mounting magnetic strips on the backsplash. Utensils and knives will be easier to grab while cooking and still out of reach from kids. 
  8. Double check that everything heavy is low and everything light is high. Storing small appliances (like heavy mixers or waffle makers) up high is never a good idea. It makes it super tuff to lift up and down and not to mention, dangerous. 
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