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Children’s Room: De-clutter and Organize [Guest Post]

Do you have children? Is their room a disaster? Kid’s rooms get messy with the blink of an eye. It may seem that no matter what you do or how often you clean, the clutter of a child’s room can … Continue reading

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Resolutions for getting organized

  What can you do at the outset of 2014 to get organized for the entire year? At Home Choose to use one calendar and use it for EVERYTHING. Put reminders, vacations, tasks and anything else in the calendar to … Continue reading

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Ten Simple Habits to Keep the House Looking Organized on a DAILY Basis

The key to this list is doing these things on a DAILY basis. Now I know some of you will think I’m crazy for thinking you can do all of this every day. So don’t. Start small and start with … Continue reading

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The Organizing Cycle

Quite often I’m asked, “What’s the key to maintaining organization?” It’s actually not as complicated as you might think. Just like other things in our lives, order and being organized comes from a cycle. If you step back and think … Continue reading

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Tips for Saving Time Around the House

The key to great time management and for saving time is to Plan Ahead. Stay two steps ahead of yourself. Yesterday, I was thinking about today: how my day would go, when I plan to work out, and where I … Continue reading

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