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True Confessions: This Professional Organizer’s Pitfalls

  I was recently asked, “What’s your organizing weakness?”  or better yet  “What’s the one area of your home that would surprise people that you don’t have organized? “ Two things come to mind and I’m a bit embarrassed to … Continue reading

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10 “Not So Obvious” Organizing Tips for the Kitchen

  If your utensil drawers are too crowded, start counting what you have. The other day we found three ice cream scoopers. Chances are you don’t scoop two different ice-creams at the same exact time. We gained drawer space by … Continue reading

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Classic Landing Spots for Clutter

  Car If you work out of your car, commute long distances or your kids are in a lot of activities and sports, your car or minivan is bound to reflect it. Some of us feel like we spend more … Continue reading

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