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Firing Out Paper at the Beginning of the New Year

    During this month, I would like to remind you how important and helpful it would be if you start with a clean slate in your filing cabinet and with your tax documents. Yes, April 15th, is a long … Continue reading

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Draw a Line… Between Personal and Business

  Running a small business from home or an outside office often poses problems when there is cross over. Cross over happens when email, mail, and paperwork is routed to different addresses, brought to work, and/or mixed together in systems … Continue reading

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Office Zones

  Organizing any office, in my opinion, breaks down into four sections: A good filing system A reference section Action paperwork Office Supplies Let’s start with the filing system. The most important thing to remember is that you want to … Continue reading

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Receipt Organizing 101

  The best advice I can start with is toss receipts. Don’t keep them. You’d think that receipts wouldn’t be a problem in this day and age with all our electronic devices and apps, but alas, they still are. There … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps to Organizing Mail

I’ve recently been approached by several small business owners asking for help with routines for paper and mail. Some of them had no pre-existing routine or system set up, so as we organized their home offices and office spaces, I … Continue reading

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