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10 Questions to Ask Yourself while Cleaning out your Closet

For Clothes: When was the last time I wore this? Do I look fabulous in this? Does it make me feel like a million bucks? Is it super comfortable? Does it fit me perfectly? Is this in style? Is this … Continue reading

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The Organizing Cycle

Quite often I’m asked, “What’s the key to maintaining organization?” It’s actually not as complicated as you might think. Just like other things in our lives, order and being organized comes from a cycle. If you step back and think … Continue reading

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Organizing the Closet Floor

What’s at the bottom of your closet? Look way back underneath your hanging clothes and dig it all out. You’ll probably find clothes, stray shoes, shopping bags, hangers, missing socks, and hosts of other random stuff. A clean, empty closet floor makes … Continue reading

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Tips for Saving Time Around the House

The key to great time management and for saving time is to Plan Ahead. Stay two steps ahead of yourself. Yesterday, I was thinking about today: how my day would go, when I plan to work out, and where I … Continue reading

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The Pajama Drawer

I recently overhauled my pajama drawer and I love it so much I want to share with you what I did. Before it was transformed into glorious order, it was overstuffed with mismatched tops and bottoms, old t-shirts, and worn … Continue reading

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Getting Kids to Pick Up their Bedrooms

“Go clean your room” “Pick up your bedroom” “I want to be able to see your floor when I come in to check” If you have school age children or highschoolers, I’m sure these resonate with you. It was no … Continue reading

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