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When Hobbies Overtake Our Space

  I was reminded this week of a home I walked into many years ago in the beginning of my business. When I stepped into the front door, I was greeted with a quilting loom. At least I believe it … Continue reading

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Time to Let Go: Amber’s Journey

  I’m in the middle of a house project, renovating my basement, and I was forced to get through things in storage, in my crawl space and closets. As I was pulling things out and going through bins, all of … Continue reading

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Smart Storage Solutions

    What makes a piece of furniture or organizing product smart? Most of us want wall systems, products, and furniture that will practically work in our homes and actually keep us organized. Although I’m not an interior designer, there … Continue reading

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Connecting Mice to Clutter [Guest Post]

  Do you keep a lot of clutter in your home? You might be facilitating the existence of mice without even realizing it. Once a mouse infestation has been established you are going to need professional help to bait, trap, … Continue reading

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More Space Isn’t the Solution

  I recently tried to get this principle through to a family. Sometimes we think the only solution to clutter is more space or a bigger home. There isn’t some magical way to create more space or add square footage … Continue reading

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Simplifying Work Bags

Recently I’ve noticed I’ve become a bag lady. All my bags are multiplying. I have a purse, an organizing tool bag, organizing file bag that holds relevant paper and files, as well as a lunch bag. I have way too many things to carry and I’m getting tired of it. This doesn’t model leading a simplified… Continue reading

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Taking Jewelry Along

Packing jewelry for a trip can be quite the challenge. Necklaces get tangled, bracelets are easily bent, and earrings and rings are too easy to loose because they’re so small. I had to laugh recently when my sister was visiting. She spread out her comestic and tolietry bag on my kitchen countertops to dig through to find her jewelry. I didn&r… Continue reading

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Memorabilia Cases for Kids

Continue reading

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Space Bags- Good Idea or Bad Idea?

Space Bags have been on the market awhile now and most people know all about them. I was skeptical when they first came out and never really was a big advocate for them. Many people asked my opinion if I would recommend them and never really had an opinion. Until recently. Just a week ago we returned from a vacation where we had to use them to make… Continue reading

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Leave time for the Hard Stuff

Organizing the “tough spaces”- basements, storage units, garages, attics Continue reading

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