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The Extras in the Mail

Perhaps you are one of those people that is great at getting through their mail each day. You throw out the solicitations and junk mail. You shred the credit card offers. You place the bills in a safe spot. But … Continue reading

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Information Junkies

Do you or someone you know get a high from gathering helpful information in all types and forms? I’m talking about clipping endless newspaper articles or saving stacks of newspapers because there’s valuable information in them. Or what about magazines? … Continue reading

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Office Zones

  Organizing any office, in my opinion, breaks down into four sections: A good filing system A reference section Action paperwork Office Supplies Let’s start with the filing system. The most important thing to remember is that you want to … Continue reading

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Receipt Organizing 101

  The best advice I can start with is toss receipts. Don’t keep them. You’d think that receipts wouldn’t be a problem in this day and age with all our electronic devices and apps, but alas, they still are. There … Continue reading

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Organizing Health Insurance and Medical Paperwork

Understanding which medical paper is important. I think we’d all agree that health insurance in and of itself is confusing. Now add all the paperwork that comes with it and you’ve got even a bigger mess and more confusion. So … Continue reading

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3 Simple Steps to Organizing Mail

I’ve recently been approached by several small business owners asking for help with routines for paper and mail. Some of them had no pre-existing routine or system set up, so as we organized their home offices and office spaces, I … Continue reading

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Managing Family Member’s Mail

How to Help Teens and College Students Organize Their Mail Whether you have teens, college age kids, or adult children, you must see more and more mail arriving for them. Whether they’re test scores, credit card applications or bank statements, … Continue reading

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A Look Inside My Office

While organizing paper or home offices, how I run and organize my office normally surfaces in the conversation. To me, it really reflects what I’m all about- no nonsense, straight forward simplicity. If it works, I don’t change it and if it’s not working I get rid of it. I’m not about fancy or astetics. That&rsqu… Continue reading

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Working from the Kitchen

Stripped down version… Continue reading

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Criteria For Saving Paper

3 Viewpoints On Handling PaperWhen we boil it down, there are only three reasons to save paper. 1. I need to take action now. In this viewpoint, it’s important or critical to act and get something done. It can’t wait to be completed. There’s a deadline approaching today or this week. These items are current and worthy of your time… Continue reading

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