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Smart Storage Solutions

    What makes a piece of furniture or organizing product smart? Most of us want wall systems, products, and furniture that will practically work in our homes and actually keep us organized. Although I’m not an interior designer, there … Continue reading

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Jewelry Organizing Solutions

I’ve recently encountered several female clients struggling to keep their jewelry organized, so I thought I would share some common solutions to organizing jewelry. The first step to organize your jewelry is pull out all the jewelry boxes and bags … Continue reading

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Organize First, Shop Later: Organizing the Organizing Products

Organize or buy organizing products? It’s sort of like the chicken and the egg. Which comes first? Before organizing appointments, clients often ask what they need to buy to be ready for our appointment. I find there’s seldom a lack … Continue reading

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Eliminating Paper

Going Paperless is Easier & More Organized than We ThinkI recently downsized my four drawer filing cabinet down to three drawers. It got me thinking though. I would love to have no filing cabinet at all. My filing cabinet is super organized and is really functional but even with all that, I’d love to eliminate a piece of furniture in my o… Continue reading

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Get Creative While Organizing

Finding Organizing Solutions around the house! I subscribe to Real Simple magazine. They are always so creative with showing off how they use every day items in different ways. So I’ve decided to list common items I find in peoples home to help us organize and save a little money. Ziploc Bags- Sort out stationary, desk drawer office or … Continue reading

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Procrastinate or Push Through?

No one really wants to procrastinate but we can all admit it happens to the best of us. Sometimes procrastination is an underlying theme or reason of why we’re not maintaining home organization. I often hear over the phone from clients “I’ll just wait for you to come Amber. Otherwise I won’t get to it or do it. “ Altho… Continue reading

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Really Nifty Product!

Card Cubby, LLC… Continue reading

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Storage for DVD’s & CD’s

Recently, I received a package in the mail containing a product line for organizing DVD’s or CD’s. It is called Disc Sox. It’s a pretty interesting concept, however I don’t know if you, the public, would really use or want something like this. Please check out their site and let me know what you think.… Continue reading

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Garage Systems

Summertime is a great time to organize the garage. You can purchase very simple systems to very eleborate systems to store and containerize your sports equipment, bikes, and gardening tools, etc. Normally professional organizers just organize the contents. I have in the past installed the simple, user friendly systems. So I’d highly recommend… Continue reading

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Magazine/Newspaper Nut?

Someone recently asked me- So are you one of those people that throws the newspaper out the very next day if no one reads it? I was a little offended but let it roll off my back because I get a lot of crazy questions like that. And for the record I leave the paper lay around for about 2 days- in a neat stack of course 🙂 But for those of … Continue reading

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