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How to Organize the Employee Break Room [Guest Post]

The employee break room is one of the most important parts of the workplace. It’s a place to relax, chat with coworkers, and most importantly, take your mind off the daily grind. However, as important as it is, the break … Continue reading

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Office Zones

  Organizing any office, in my opinion, breaks down into four sections: A good filing system A reference section Action paperwork Office Supplies Let’s start with the filing system. The most important thing to remember is that you want to … Continue reading

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Junk Drawer No More

10 Steps to Organizing A Junk Drawer 1. Clear the countertop above the junk drawer so you have space to spread out. 2. Sort out the contents onto the countertop into categories. 3. As you sort and pull odds and … Continue reading

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A Look Inside My Office

While organizing paper or home offices, how I run and organize my office normally surfaces in the conversation. To me, it really reflects what I’m all about- no nonsense, straight forward simplicity. If it works, I don’t change it and if it’s not working I get rid of it. I’m not about fancy or astetics. That&rsqu… Continue reading

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Working from the Kitchen

Stripped down version… Continue reading

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Criteria For Saving Paper

3 Viewpoints On Handling PaperWhen we boil it down, there are only three reasons to save paper. 1. I need to take action now. In this viewpoint, it’s important or critical to act and get something done. It can’t wait to be completed. There’s a deadline approaching today or this week. These items are current and worthy of your time… Continue reading

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Paper’s Life Cycle

Much like other things in life. Paper has a life cycle. It isn’t meant to stay permanently and it does have a specific job for a short amount of time. When we treat paper as a family member or an antique piece of furniture that we won’t part with, it poses a probelm. So let’s take a look at the cycle a little in detail.Paper arriv… Continue reading

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The Most Common Clutter

don’t know what to keep? don’t know what’s important? don’t know what they’ll need? don’t make the time? … Continue reading

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Eliminating Paper

Going Paperless is Easier & More Organized than We ThinkI recently downsized my four drawer filing cabinet down to three drawers. It got me thinking though. I would love to have no filing cabinet at all. My filing cabinet is super organized and is really functional but even with all that, I’d love to eliminate a piece of furniture in my o… Continue reading

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My Organizing Projects

Getting Things Done Over My Christmas Entering into my Christmas break, I had a few organizing goals in mind. Every time I opened my office closet, I was annoyed at looking at a mess and having items in the wrong spot. I had things at waist and eye level that should have been put way up high out of the way. And I had things way up high that should … Continue reading

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