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Breaking Up with Stuff

              Break ups, splits, getting dumped, divorce, moving out, moving on brings some of the worst emotional pain imaginable. I’ve been there and have done it three times in the last three years. I’d … Continue reading

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Greeting Cards: Why are we keeping them?  

  With all communication going digital in this day and age, getting a piece of actual mail becomes a treasure and something rare. Whether the greeting card is tacked onto a present or sent in the mail, we get attached … Continue reading

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How Sentimental Are You?

  Clients often say, “You have nothing sentimental.  I bet you throw everything out.”  That’s not true.  I just choose what to be sentimental about.  I choose what will add value, joy, and positive memories instead of allowing “everything” to … Continue reading

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Time to Let Go: Amber’s Journey

  I’m in the middle of a house project, renovating my basement, and I was forced to get through things in storage, in my crawl space and closets. As I was pulling things out and going through bins, all of … Continue reading

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4 Things You Should Never Organize Alone

Avoid Going Down Memory Lane by Enlisting a Helper There’s just some things that are really better off attacking with another person. Often we can get distracted, swept up in memories, and admire every piece of nostalgia we come across. Memorabilia, keepsakes, nostalgia, mementos- call it what you like… this is the stuff that bogs us down, … Continue reading

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My Organizing Projects

Getting Things Done Over My Christmas Entering into my Christmas break, I had a few organizing goals in mind. Every time I opened my office closet, I was annoyed at looking at a mess and having items in the wrong spot. I had things at waist and eye level that should have been put way up high out of the way. And I had things way up high that should … Continue reading

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Repurposing Old Greeting Cards

So the million dollar question around Christmas time is what do I do with all the cards I get from family and friends? It feels so nice to have been thought of by people and we were encouraged by their card, but then what? Stacks gather and I find them later when we organize your closet, office, or Christmas decorations. Most of the time, I find th… Continue reading

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Organizing with Creative Memories

Banish Photo Piles Forever Corral your existing photos into a Creative Memoriespower sort box. ($35) It safely holds 2400 photos and youcan categorize them all!2. Once your memory card is full – commit to printing your photos and putting them into an album.3. Learn how to make a digital photo book! Get the free Story Book software … Continue reading

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Keepsakes, Memorabilia, Mememtos….

How Much is Too Much? Happy Valentines! This weekend your spouse or significant other will give you a mushy card, your kids will draw you a picture of a heart on red paper and you might even get a love note or poem in the mail or through email. These things warm our hearts and remind us of the people in our lives that love us, appreciat… Continue reading

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Saving Sentimental Cards

My grandma’s friend gave me a perfect example of why not to save every greeting card. Continue reading

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