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10 “Not So Obvious” Organizing Tips for the Kitchen

  If your utensil drawers are too crowded, start counting what you have. The other day we found three ice cream scoopers. Chances are you don’t scoop two different ice-creams at the same exact time. We gained drawer space by … Continue reading

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13 Tips for Organizing Your Refrigerator

Either before or after going grocery shopping, take time to read expiration dates and throw stuff out to make room for the new food. If you do it beforehand, you’ll also have a better idea what to buy. Do not … Continue reading

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Storing Items in Lazy Susan Cabinets

  Someone on Facebook recently asked me a great question about their lazy susan kitchen cabinets. They asked, “How would you keep your lazy susan cabinets organized in the kitchen? Any tips?” I love that the question is so specific. … Continue reading

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A Kitchen: Before and After

  I recently completed an organizing makeover in a kitchen in a Chicago condo. A few things helped transform this space from overcrowded and messy to simple and functional. There were two rolling chopping blocks, a freestanding metal shelf, a … Continue reading

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Keeping the Busiest Room Organized

8 Quick Tips to Keeping the Kitchen Clutter Free Clear countertop surfaces daily. If the same type of items keep landing on the counters, stop and figure out why. If it is toys, train the kids to take the toys back to … Continue reading

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Organizing a kitchen pantry

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A Sleek Transformation

This was a recent organizing project I did in the city. Our main goal was to have a place for everything and at the end of the day we had just that. We created lots of zones for mail, shoes by the front door, loose change, books, cleaning products and kitchen items. I’m very proud of the individual that took iniative and has transformed their… Continue reading

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Kitchen Cabinet Organizers

Corral Loose Items Inside Kitchen CabinetsToo often, kitchen cabinets and pantry shelves get littered with seasoning packets, leftover Halloween candy, bags of grains and beans, Kool Aid packets and granola bars. No one likes finding a old piece of Dove chocolate stuck to the back of their kitchen cabinet. If loose items get scattered about o… Continue reading

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Kitchen Zones

Pots and PansPrepp stuffServing DishesEveryday dishesEvery day silverware, serving silverware, cooking and prepping silverwareBaking, meals, snacks, drinks, cans … Continue reading

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The Most Difficult Area of the Kitchen

Maximizing the Cabinet Space Under the Sink The cabinets under the kitchen sink in my opinion are probably the hardest part of the kitchen to organize. Pipes and the garbage disposable always make it tricky to maximize the space. It’s always dark and sometimes damp. Nine times out of ten, it’s jam packed with plastic grocery bags and cl… Continue reading

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