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Organizing Shoes

    So what is the best way to organize shoes? There’s no one pat answer for this. The solutions come from how your closet is laid out, what type of home you live in (condo or house) and where … Continue reading

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Organizing His Closet: Steps in Approaching a Man’s Closet

                This blog is for you men out there that find value in an organized closet and would like tips and tricks for your side of the closet. Bonus points for reading this, … Continue reading

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8 Ways to Keep your Closet Organized

              It’s one thing to organize your closet once by yourself or with a professional organizer, but what are the tried and true tricks that keep it organized. I’ll share some personal tips and … Continue reading

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Addressing Contents of a Purse

  Recently I was going through a lot of purses while organizing. We decided to go through all the bags and purses during this organizing project and the client and I were dumping the contents of all the purses we … Continue reading

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When Hobbies Overtake Our Space

  I was reminded this week of a home I walked into many years ago in the beginning of my business. When I stepped into the front door, I was greeted with a quilting loom. At least I believe it … Continue reading

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Smart Storage Solutions

    What makes a piece of furniture or organizing product smart? Most of us want wall systems, products, and furniture that will practically work in our homes and actually keep us organized. Although I’m not an interior designer, there … Continue reading

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Making Your Closet Look Like a Million Bucks

    How organized do you like your closet to look? Some of you are thankful if the clean clothes just make it back into the closet or if you can find your favorite jeans. Others like to have it … Continue reading

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Compartmentalize to Organize says it well. To compartmentalize is to separate into distinct parts, categories, or compartments. In a nutshell, that is a huge part of organizing. We separate out things, stuff, chaos, parts, pieces, and just about anything into categories … Continue reading

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Jewelry Organizing Solutions

I’ve recently encountered several female clients struggling to keep their jewelry organized, so I thought I would share some common solutions to organizing jewelry. The first step to organize your jewelry is pull out all the jewelry boxes and bags … Continue reading

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10 Questions to Ask Yourself while Cleaning out your Closet

For Clothes: When was the last time I wore this? Do I look fabulous in this? Does it make me feel like a million bucks? Is it super comfortable? Does it fit me perfectly? Is this in style? Is this … Continue reading

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