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Classic Landing Spots for Clutter

  Car If you work out of your car, commute long distances or your kids are in a lot of activities and sports, your car or minivan is bound to reflect it. Some of us feel like we spend more … Continue reading

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Simplifying Work Bags

Recently I’ve noticed I’ve become a bag lady. All my bags are multiplying. I have a purse, an organizing tool bag, organizing file bag that holds relevant paper and files, as well as a lunch bag. I have way too many things to carry and I’m getting tired of it. This doesn’t model leading a simplified… Continue reading

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Being Organized Provides Proof

I was reminded this morning why my job matters and why it’s important to be organized. Never leave home without proof of car insurance. The poor guy who rear ended me this morning learned the hard way. As I was making a right turn and yielding to oncoming traffic he creeped up and rear ended me thinking I was going to turn. Well, I didn&rsquo… Continue reading

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What’s in your trunk?

Clearing Clutter from the CarMaking Sense of What Belongs in Your Trunk I don’t know if you’d had a busy week like me, but I’ve been hauling a ton of stuff around in my trunk. Sometimes I feel like a Uhaul truck. The trunk is a blessing and a curse. If you’re not careful it can quickly fill with a lot of random stuff. … Continue reading

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5 Clues for a Clutter-Free Car

Keeping a clean car is easier than you think. Here’s five clues to keeping your car clutter free. 1. Each time you leave your car, scan the floors and cup holders for trash. Throw the trash out no matter where your day takes you to prevent your car from smelling. Sometimes I find myself throwing my car trash out inside a bank lobby or an offi… Continue reading

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