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Organizing Books

Are you a book collector?  Here’s how to part with books. Count the number of books you have – yes, that’s right. Either one shelf at a time, one box at a time, or every book you own. Now you have that … Continue reading

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Information Junkies

Do you or someone you know get a high from gathering helpful information in all types and forms? I’m talking about clipping endless newspaper articles or saving stacks of newspapers because there’s valuable information in them. Or what about magazines? … Continue reading

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Libraries are Cutting Back

Chicago Public Libraries No longer Accept BooksWell, the rumor is true. The Chicago Public Libraries have stopped accepting used books to either stock on their shelves or sell at book sales. The cost is too high to catalog and process them. I didn’t believe it until I tried to donate five bags of books. I’ve always relied on local libra… Continue reading

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Procrastinator? or Perfectionist?

I just ordered from the Chicago Public Library- It’s About Time! by Dr. Linda Sapadin. It’s highly recommended by my organizing industry so I thought I’d tackle it during the summer months. I’m not a huge fan of organizing books but this one caught my attention because of the subtitle: The 6 Styles of Procrastination and How… Continue reading

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Intentional Bookshelves

5 Ways to Transform a Messy Bookshelf Categorize Books by Subject. Picture yourself standing in Barnes and Noble. What categories to they have? Gardening, religion, history, fiction, non fiction, travel, etc. Size does Matter. Be mindful of lining up books from tallest to shortest. It creates an orderly appearanceStack Sideways. To add dimensi… Continue reading

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A Book Discussion Lends itself to Organizing

Great ways to recycle and reuse books Continue reading

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Books Galore

Why do we hang onto so many books? They are so heavy and take up so much room. Continue reading

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