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Try this at Least Once

Last Sunday I was motivated to go through my closets and just try on all pants, skirts, and dresses. I must admit, I’ve never done this. I usually just glance at the clothes to see what I can purge out as the seasons change. But this time, I wanted to try something new. I often suggest my clients try clothes on to make decisions s… Continue reading

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Taking Jewelry Along

Packing jewelry for a trip can be quite the challenge. Necklaces get tangled, bracelets are easily bent, and earrings and rings are too easy to loose because they’re so small. I had to laugh recently when my sister was visiting. She spread out her comestic and tolietry bag on my kitchen countertops to dig through to find her jewelry. I didn&r… Continue reading

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Forcing Organization

Today the insulation guy is coming over. He’s going to tell my husband and I how we can reduce the cold and heat upstairs on our second floor. We live in a cape cod style home so we have some dormers on the east side of the house but the west side has small short closet space in the eaves. It’s helpful storage but I don’t really p… Continue reading

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Organizing Your Teen

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A Bedroom Success!

Organizing A Bedroom- Before and After Pictures: A few weeks back I organized this bedroom with the homeowners. They did a great job of sorting, purging, planning, and organizing the space with me. They worked so hard and I’m so proud of them. Recently I was back for a different project in the house. They were proud to show me that thei… Continue reading

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