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Being Mindful of Others

                Over the summer, I attended a very large leadership conference. I believe there was close to seven thousand people at this two day event. You could imagine the parking lots were completely … Continue reading

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Keeping Beauty Products Out of Guilt

Why is it we women get sucked into buying every hair, skin, and makeup product that looks enticing? Then we get home and don’t like it when we use it. These products are often expensive, up to $15 a bottle, … Continue reading

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Choosing Bathroom Fixtures

Design your bathroom smarter: to create a beautiful, organized space by Helen Davies A messy bathroom can be an unappealing and dispiriting place to spend time. If you’re hoping to create a beautiful and uplifting bathroom space, dealing with your … Continue reading

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Organizing bathroom cabinets

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Space Experiment

Have you ever placed something on a shelf, countertop or surface to prevent yourself from using that space as a dumping ground? It often works well, when we “trick” ourselves out of dumping. So recently I tried this same concept on my husband. In our bathroom, we have open shelving built in next to the sink. I use the shevles to p… Continue reading

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Taking Jewelry Along

Packing jewelry for a trip can be quite the challenge. Necklaces get tangled, bracelets are easily bent, and earrings and rings are too easy to loose because they’re so small. I had to laugh recently when my sister was visiting. She spread out her comestic and tolietry bag on my kitchen countertops to dig through to find her jewelry. I didn&r… Continue reading

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Banishing Bathroom Clutter

7 Ideas to Make Your Mornings Hassle Free Get rid of bath and shower items you haven’t used in 6-12 months. I know you’ve heard this before: if you haven’t used them by now, you’re not going to use them at all. Tired of moving each perfum bottle or lotion out of the way to clean or dust? Display them on a tr… Continue reading

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Mantaining the Medicine Cabinet

Well, after being sick for 2 weeks straight, I’ve seen a lot of the inside of my medicine cabinet. So that’s what you’ll hear about today- the importance of being organized with medicine during this flu season. No one wants to get sick or expects to get sick, but being prepared for it is essential. While organizing people’s … Continue reading

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