8 Ways to Keep your Closet Organized








It’s one thing to organize your closet once by yourself or with a professional organizer, but what are the tried and true tricks that keep it organized. I’ll share some personal tips and strategies that I teach clients after we have organized their closet together.  


  • Keep a garbage can close to the closet. More garbage accumulates in a closet then one might imagine. Tags, dry cleaning debris, shopping bags, boxes, and random stuff at the bottom of purses and gym bags. It always surprises people how much trash accumulates on the floor or in the back of their closet. And it surprises me even more to see there is no garbage can in sight.
  • Label shelves and section of hanging clothes to help you put clean clothes away. It’s easy to shove clothes during a busy week or busy weekend but if you have things labeled you will think twice and remember to use the system. You may have to get creative with tags and labels by attaching them to shelves, bins or baskets. I’d recommend going as far as separating out skinny jeans versus regular jeans. Every woman also has a zillion black yoga pants. Designate one area for each category of clothing and label that area.
  • Consider laying out your closet to mimic a human body. Hang tops and shirts above and pants below. This will help in making outfits, getting dressed fast and putting clean clothes away.
  • Separate where you toss drying cleaning and mending from where you toss regular laundry. Keep these two laundry baskets or hampers near to where you drop your clothes after a long day. If it’s in the bathroom, move the dirty laundry system to the bathroom. If it’s in the middle of you bedroom at the foot of your bed, place your laundry hampers nearby along the wall or next to a dresser. Create the system based on your habits.
  • Shoe cubbies are by far the easiest to maintain in my opinion. As you slip off the shoes shove them into one open cubby. Each pair has their own spot and you can see into that spot to retrieve and wear the pair. It’s also easier to put them away, instead of taking an empty shoe box off the shelf and putting the shoes back away after wearing them. Less steps ensures you will maintain the system.
  • Matching hangers always inspire order and gives the appearance of an organized, neat closet. Consider buying all the same hangers to inspire you.
  • Getting laundry put away and getting dry cleaning back into your closet is by far the greatest challenge for my adult customers. My personal rule is never jump into bed until all clothes are off my floor in my bedroom. The quicker I move the faster I get to go to bed. When I do this every night (which I do) it never piles up to huge amounts of time.
  • Get into a laundry doing groove as well. Always do family members clothes separate. Mixing clothes creates more work and time sorting and folding and putting away. Divide and conquer keeping everyone’s clothes separate.


Amber Kostelny, Certified Professional Organizer, Amber’s Organizing, LLC, Chicago, IL 60631


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